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Is your garage door not opening as it should?

Diamond Door Repairs can fix it. We provide garage door repairs in Perth and the surrounding areas. Our team supplies all of the necessary parts to get your door fixed and installs them in a timely manner. We give you quality workmanship in all of our repairs to make sure that your garage door works the way it should.

All Types of Garage Repairs

Since 2005, we’ve seen many garage door issues, and we’ve solved each one of them. We commonly see issues with broken cables and broken hinges. We also help with remote control replacement and circuit board replacements. Most problems come down to parts and gears being worn-out due to age, stress or outside conditions like weather.


One of the more heavy-duty repairs we do is spring repairs. The spring in your garage door is very powerful and can be dangerous if not dealt with properly. Some signs that it’s having problems are if it has gaps or look rusty or stretched out. It can also make loud noises or make your garage door open oddly. Let Diamond Door Repair know if you think your garage door spring is damaged.




All Types Of Doors

In Australia, we have many different types of garage doors. At Diamond Door Repairs, we often see overhead doors that go up in sections to rest at the top of your garage. Many are operated with a spring system. However, we can repair any type of garage door that your property may have. Whatever brand you have, our team can repair it or service it for you.


Wherever you are in Perth and the surrounds, let us help you with your garage door repairs. Whether your remote control isn’t working or the spring is broken, our team is qualified to come in and help. We strive to be punctual and fast on all of our jobs, and our team is always honest. If your garage door needs repairs, give us a call on 0439 955 717.





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When your garage door needs repairs, now is the time to call. Don’t wait until it becomes a larger problem or

causes damage to your property or even your family members. Contact us to find out how we can help your door run

dependably and smoothly every time you open or close it. We offer free quotes so call today.



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